Thursday, July 02, 2009

Yesterday was July 1st, HAPPY CANADA DAY, and in the hockey world that means the start of the free agency season.
My beloved Maple Leafs signed a couple of players that puts them firmly on the path to be bigger, meaner and more of an "in your face" team.
With hockey in mind I thought that I would present my choices for the 2 best hockey books. These are presented as 1 and 1A.
Hockey Showdown, Harry Sinden
What more could be said or written about the 1972 "Summit Series" between Canada and the USSR? But this book, which I bought back in the 70's was written by Harry Sinden who coached the Canadian team and is valuable for the insights that a real "insider" offers for what happened both on and off the ice.

The Game, Ken Dryden
If there was ever a thinking man's hockey player it would be Ken Dryden. The book is so well written and looks at fame, what makes a special player special and the joys of being on a team.


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