Monday, June 09, 2008

Illustration Friday- Forgotten

This was used as an illustration for a financial services magazine piece about estate planning, and specifically planning a will.

The overall look of the piece was left up to me and I used as many personal images as I could.
So here is a breakdown of the "hidden meaning" to this piece-

The watch was my father's and my mother gave it to me after he died. You will see his name, Charles Colquhoun, appear in the first line of the text of the will.
The picture of the house is the house where I grew up- and sold after my mother died.
The picture of the man on the right is my grandfather.
The pin, in the shape of a thistle, was a present that my mother gave my wife.
The plate is part of a place setting that was my parents and is now mine because my brother and sister thought that I should have it to think of it as a wedding present from my mother- who died before my wife and I were married.

So there you have it- Gone but not "Forgotten".


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