Friday, October 27, 2006

Sketchbook dump 2

Here is another collection of drawings from various sketchbooks.

A grumpy beaver. I think that I did this while my kids were at swimming class and I was sitting on the deck waiting.

A drawing of a little man experiencing some angst. I quite liked this one and had thought about making him more of a finished piece but for now he is just a funny little guy in my sketchbook.

This is a page from one of my sketchbooks. I like the Frankenstein looking guy and I had thought about making him a Halloween promo but I couldn’t think of what else to do with him, what else to include. I like him and think that I might do something with him in the future.

I also like the little guys drawn in green. I could see doing something with them too.

This is another full page. I had been playing with the idea of making an all-animal band, a jazz band with sheep…called “The Black Sheep”. I really like those black and white photos of early jazz guys, playing in the small clubs, lottsa’ cigarette smoke in the air and the idea of sheep, black sheep, outsiders, bad boys etc, seemed kind of cool.

Again this is one of those things that I could see becoming something more but right now it isn’t going anywhere.

And then there is the drawing of one of my sons lying on the floor watching TV.

This one has a lot of emotional significance for me, as it was part of homecoming present for my wife and kids. They had gone to Florida to stay with her parents and had a horrible time on the way back with messed up flights and hours waiting in airports.

So when they finally made it home I made a picture sentence for them that said “Welcome Back”. I drew a well, a comb and a person’s back to make the sentence. The one of the well is the one that I think turned out the best.

But don’t ask me to come over to your house and build that brick wall that you always wanted. As you can see from the drawing, I have a thing or two to learn about being a brick layer.

And finally, here is one from our last staff meeting. As you can see I probably wasn't paying as close attention to what was being said as I should have been doing. But , my God, are they dull!


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awesome cool variet of drawings!

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