Wednesday, December 27, 2006

More Miscellaneous drawings,

Hi everyone,

So like I was saying, now that I have some time in between being at hockey tournaments I can post some of the stuff that I have done over the last little while.

I really like this one. I guess if he had a name it might be something Steve Earnest, or Dave Do-good.

This started out as a drawing of a head in profile then I thought that it might be more fun to do a Pinocchio thing with. He is also doing the transformation thing with the teeth.

I drew this out of my head just to draw it. No preconceptions but I had been looking at the work of the wonderfully talented Dave Clegg. When I was finished it reminded me of a student that I used to have. Will was his name and he was a very talented art student who unfortunately decided to not pursue art. The last time I spoke with him he was in university studying philosophy and playing in a Red Hot Chili Peppers cover band.

I had this image of drawing a Gandalf-like figure when I started this drawing and then he just became something else.

All of these drawings were done starting from a blank piece of paper and no real preconceived ideas of what I was going to do. I find that my students are quite perplexed by the idea of just drawing, just doing what ever happens. Maybe that is a stage of comfort that you get to when you have been doing it for while?


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